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So you want to be DJ Tiesto and play for 150,000 people at a single show one day….but there’s one minor problem…you’ve never dj’ed before and you have no idea what you’re doing???

Well hotpants…here’s a compilation of 5 (yes we like things in lists of 5…) websites that will get you started quickly and effectively.

These sites aren’t just some guy who bought some expensive equipment and decided to throw up some youtube videos…these are experienced DJ’s that know what they’re talking about.

Between these sites and a number of the music sites listed in my post on where to get hot new jams, this should hopefully get you off and running.

DJ Tutorials:

  1. DJ Tutor - This site offers it all!  Basic tutorials, advanced tutorials, scratching and a whole mess of other great video tutorials to get you started.  It features a number of experienced DJs that give video tutorials on everything from beat matching to advanced scratching techniques.
  2. The Mixing DJ - The mixing DJ gives you a number of simple article tutorials if you’d prefer to read and learn rather than watch and learn.
  3. The DJ University – Mobile features their own version of the “DJ University” and offers a number of tutorials on getting started and how to be a certain “type” of DJ – whether it be club, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, etc – they lay it all out for you nicely in a number of well written articles.
  4. – DJ Vibe has a nice and easy to read “lesson plan” for the beginner and advanced DJ on his website that lays out everything from buying equipment to basic beat mixing and scratching.
  5. – Learning to DJ – OK, I know, I know…you’re thinking…REALLY?? you’re gonna send me to to learn how to DJ??  Well…yea, they actually have some decent write-ups there if you have no idea what you’re getting into, how to pick gear or how to build your brand and find gigs…OK i’ve said my piece….

In the words of the DJ Tutor….”Practice and Enjoy!”

Know any other great sites that I missed??  Let me hear about it in the “Leave some Love” comments

3 Responses to DJ Tutorials

  1. Mixing DJ says:

    Hey, just dropping by to thank you for including my site in your list! I know I don’t update very often but I plan to change that soon. You have a great blog here, feel free to email me anytime or if you want to do a guest post on my blog.

  2. d.j.sohn says:

    Thanks for showing us some love bro!

    Really like your site and articles. Thanks for the offer to write a guest post, I’ll shoot you a note to figure out details!

  3. D.J.Fluffy says:

    Hey this is D.J. fluffy and i wanna say thanks.i learn alot from mixingdj:)

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