Where To Find New Music

Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a new dj just trying to make a name for yourself – everyone has their favorite spots to check out and learn about new music they can go buy and download LEGALLY!

Here’s a number of hot sites to download new jams across all genre’s.  The Free Sites are helpful to preview new jams, but please show the artist’s some love and support by downloading their jams legally through the MP3 Pools or Pay Per Download Sites below.

(Last updated 2/7/2011)


  1. dj-case | HOUSE MUSIC (ALMOST) DAILY –> These guys rock new music and “download packs” on the regular
  2. playcharts |updated every two weeks with best club tracks based on youtube views
  3. newjams | updated daily with FRESH Top 40, Rap, Hip-Hop tracks that haven’t been released to mainstream yet
  4. pelski | Pelski brings you a blend of house/electro remixes, a lot of underground stuff.
  5. the hype machine | the hype machine monitors the web for all sorts of new music and posts the latest and greatest tracks
  6. mp3zippy | multiple genres, they post all fresh new tracks from top 40, hip-hop and electronic music
  7. livingelectro | updated daily with new house, electro, trance music
  8. remixreport | a blog but check the downloads section for new remixes, mashups and fresh downloads
  9. dailytunez | as the name says, new tunes every day – everything from hip hop to hard underground electronic
  10. need-music | TONS of new electronic music each day
  11. mp3bear | free music search engine that crawls hundreds of sites to find the song you want??!!, hell ya!
  12. salacioussound | unique and hard to find remixes and edits of mainstream tracks
  13. greenhitz | TONS and TONS of music of all genre consolidated from various websites
  14. thefreshbeat | Dealing the freshest beat on the street. They are a globally recognized movement specializing in cutting edge club music.


  1. djcity | mix of everything,  range from house/electro to hip/hop, reggaeton and acapella remixes.
  2. breakzRus | another good record pool of hot new music sorted by genre
  3. i12inch (crooklyn clan) | record pool by crooklyn clan
  4. franchiserecordpool | another large record pool, endorsed by funkmaster flex and other big name dj’s
  5. mymp3pool | good sized record pool with good sorting abilities, also features good “dj tools”
  6. dms | pricey, but well known for exclusive tracks and filtering through the crap out there
  7. breakthecrates | not the best on the market, but gets the job done
  8. mypromopool | cd pool turned record pool, large list of electronic music
  9. worksessions | FREE Record pool, tons of music uploaded by users, like the p2p version of record pools
  10. 8thwonder | music, videos and other dj tools
  11. zipdj | nice layout, good content and personalization


  1. djdownload | great site for downloading electronic and dance music, good sortable charts and hard to find remixes
  2. beatport | probably the best known and most popular music downloading site for club and dance music.
  3. mixmag | magazine turned dance music download website!
  4. yourremix | tailored to the club dj, you can buy serious remixes here, drops, intros and all sorts of other dj related gear.
  5. crooklynclan | remixes, edits, breaks, everything you need to rock the crowd.
  6. strictlyhits | membership website with tons of exclusive edits and remixes, including remixes, video edits and remixes
  7. crack4djs | exclusive tracks and remixes from many active djs, producers and remixers


  1. Tom Buster | French DJ, Producer, Remixer and up and coming DJ

2 Responses to Where To Find New Music

  1. I wonder where all these sites get their license to distribute their songs and if they offer the mainstream songs? Are they like sites such as Last.fm and all that?

  2. Awsome info and right to the point. I dont know if this is truly the best place to ask but do you guys have any thoughts on where to employ some professional writers? Thx

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