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RAM.JAM – GC Boys – Ain’t Made For That

GC Boys back at it…!

Attached in this post is the 3rd RAM.JAM from your bros….

Unlike the first jams, this will cause few pregnancies. So ladies, skip your birth control and bros, if you get a weird feeling that lasts more than four hours go see a doctor. Continue reading

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Where Do We Get Beats?

Having released a couple jams from the GC duo of j.corey and K, we realized some recognition and thanks are in order for the creation of these tracks…. Continue reading

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HOT JAM: GC Boys – Oh Yeah

We know its been a loooong time since “Treat You Right Tonight” crept into your eardrums and Its time now to introduce you to our second Jam…

The name of this masterpeice is “Oh Yeah” and we hope you will be saying it over and over again while and after you play it… Continue reading

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HOT JAM: GC Boys – Treat You Right Tonight

GC Boys recently became the proud owners of pro-tools, and although right now its like toddlers graduating from their Big Wheels to a Ferrari, they’re getting the hang of it.

Attached is the first ever recorded pro-tools jam by the bros…. Continue reading

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