BDTPodcast – Ep.28 ft. DJ Luke Tolosan

Episode 28 features another European sensation – DJ Luke Tolosan…bringing us 60 minutes of Upbeat Fidget Electro.

DJ Luke Tolosan, based out of France, started in 2006 as a DJ for various parties to friends and in early 2007, he obtained a residence every 15 days at the Jet Lag Lounge Bar at Hardelot Plage.

In parallel, he started to compose and produce, but didn’t publish his first track until 2008, co-authoring “Start” with Louis Corleone – subsequently launching his DJ career.

In early 2009, he signed with In Deep Record Label, with the title “Leiden”, supported by the legend, Robert Owens and Solee. Then the signatures are linked to England on the MC Groove Records label with the EP and the title “Monkey Get Up,” co-produced with Tom Buster (with whom he formed the duo Electro Fidget “The Boogie Monster”) that took 2nd place for Open4Prod Radio Contact (France)!

DJ Tolosan previously signed with the title All I Want Is The Bass at Big Big Soundz, label Franco / Belgian, who is playlisted by DJ Star, “Tocadisco” (The Egg-Walking Away, Morumbi …) in his sets and on famous English radio show, BBC Radio 1 in the issuance of Pete Tong.

At the same time, he released the song “This Is Jack”, under the name “The Boogie Monsters” with Tom Buster. The title is a success, it was No. 1 in sales for 2 weeks on Mixmag and DJ Digital Download and squats Top 100 “All Time” and “Catalog” from DJ Download since 7 months (currently No. 12 bestseller “All Time” and No. 10 of the “Catalogue” (Top sellers in The Last 7 Days of music older than 1 month) on DJ Download).

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