BDTPodcast – Ep. 21 ft. DJ Jlyrics

This week, our first week as an official iTunes Podcast, we feature Jason “DJ Jlyrics” Arroyo from Hartford, CT.

DJing since he was 13 and now only 22, Jlyrics has made quite a name for himself and is well known in the CT scene for his unique style of uptempo beats, spinning cross genre seamlessly to keep the crowd moving.

Starting as a beginner with Numark  Turntables  and one crate of records passed down from his father, Jay never looked back – quickly realizing all different genres and types of music.  Now he, like many DJs has taken to the digital era, using CDJs with Serato Scratch Live. When he’s not spinning, he can be found running his own barbershop or at the studio.

As one of the founding members of Spotlite Entertainment based out of Hartford, Jay’s ultimate goal is to land himself a residency down in the likes of Miami or South Beach, but until then check him out at venues like Club Barca, One The Rocks, Club NV, Tamarid Lounge, The Franklin or Club Life.  Kid is sickkkkk!

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Enjoy The Mix!

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2 Responses to BDTPodcast – Ep. 21 ft. DJ Jlyrics

  1. Jill says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast, I finally got around to listening to it, it was awesome! Nice job.

  2. d.j.sohn says:

    Thanks Jill, this has been the most downloaded podcast to date with about 150 downloads in less than 2 weeks – glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the support!

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