Where Do We Get Beats?

Having released a couple jams from the GC duo of j.corey and K, we realized some recognition and thanks are in order for the creation of these tracks.

First and foremost we want to give a very special thanks to Dom P. aka Grizzla.  Dom P is an original GC member who recently moved to the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  He wrote both the hook for Treat You Right Tonight and Oh Yeah and is a huge influence in all of GC’s lyrics.  Look for him to feature on some upcoming tracks.

We also want to give a special thanks to the producers who made the beats we’ve used thus far.

The Monstas Productions is responsible for the beat for Oh Yeah and Da Cypha Beats brought the heat for Treat You Right Tonight.  Da Cypha has some ridiculous beats, If you are an MC looking for new jams I would definitely check him out.  You can also buy exclusive rights to Da Cypha Beats by contacting him through his site.

So – a special shout to Dom P and much love to the producers.

As always – leave some love in the comments!

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